Reel-Check Solo



DESKTOP PC QUALITY CONTROL, File based or live media QC and monitoring software with full logging facilities 


n     SD & HD media files in most formats & TV standards

n     Playback with video, audio, waveforms and error reporting

n     Log reports with timecode and thumbnails

n     Multiple displays of video, audio and surround sound parameters

n     Works with capture devices or cards for live source monitoring

n     Checks for broadcast illegal gamut, letterbox, pillar-box etc

n     32+ different video & audio test performed simultaneously

n     Scans media files faster than play-speed, faster than real-time

n     User customizable displays and report options

n     Option for PSE flashing testing to Ofcom / REC BT1702 guidelines


Typical Applications

         Quality Control 

         Compliance and standards

         Media asset management

         Reviewing media file inventories

         Ingest facilities

         Rushes evaluation

         Playout, transmission or streaming

         Post Production

         Archive management

         DVD creation, manufacturing etc

         Pre/post colour correction

         Live feed / broadcast monitoring

         Equipment test, manufacture




Reel-Check is a suite of programs that run on a performance Windows PC without special hardware. The Solo version is intended for individual desktop use. It performs a complete set of quality control tests on any audio/video media content.

Reel-Check Solo can work with all professional video formats including uncompressed component types or RGB 4:4:4, all standard and high definition dimensions. Files can also be in any compressed type, subject to a suitable Codec being available. Sub-broadcast (small) formats and 2K can also be handled.

Embedded audio, stereo or multi-channel surround-sound can be extracted and checked alongside the video for audible or visual impairments on a frame by frame basis. Solo also has all the facilities of a waveform and vectorscope. product.

The product is capable of automated checking ingested or finished file content on local or network drives. The user can set a table of the test parameters and tolerances, and any excursions outside these defined limits are logged with associated timecodes and detail notes. Also a thumbnail image at
the time of detected events can be inserted in the easy to read, RTF-formatted log.

The log file can either be stored locally on the Reel-Checks host computer or a networked drive for subsequent scrutiny or printing.  Reel-Check logs can be easily further edited in Word or any other common word processor as required.

Reel-Check Solo uses highly sophisticated image processing algorithms and audio analysis engines.  The software checks for visual impairments in baseband-decoded video and audio problems due to poor encoding, degradation or originating from the encoded source content.

Each test can be enabled or disabled by the user from a simple menu. The test parameter sets can saved or recalled from profiles. Thus a specific profile can be standardised or passed from manager to operator etc. With media-files, the test operation can either be run at normal play-speed or faster than real-time.

For live sources, Solo will work with most PC compatible capture cards or devices as well as DV or HDV over firewire. QC of taped media can be tested in this configuration.

For each test parameter, an alarm or software GPI can be set-up. If those set events are detected, an on-screen message alerts the operator or some external process or operation can be triggered.

As well as displaying any combination of Video and waveforms of the operators PC monitor or dual monitors, the software can be configured to playout Video to a SDI, HD-SDI or HDMI interface card for connection to TV monitor or other equipment.

Reel-Check Solo does not have the additional automation features of either Reel-Check SE (Single Engine) or EV (Enterprise Version) but has profile compatibility so as to be a system component.


Gamut checks         

Black frames

Field dominance / reversal

 APL Average Picture Level

 Blocking artifacts

 Stuck frames

Odd frames

Blank or coloured frames

Cuts detection


Noise  S/N              


H Blanking 

Letter Box detection

Pillar Box detection

Colour Balance

Colour Bars

TC discontinuities   

Interlace Present

Half Lines

Aspect ratio



Picture Shifts

Pixel Format Checks

PSE Flashes 



Over Loud


Too low


Out of Phase channels

Stereo balance

Audio format

Tone detection

Hum Detection

Click detection



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